Inherent Rights

'man created and given the breath of life by our Creator, we all have inherent rights which I hereby declare'

Right to Live: The fact that my body, soul and mind are given life by my first breath received from our creator is self evident of my right to live.
Right to Produce: I have the right to produce, I must produce to fulfil my needs, including physical, spiritual and emotional.
Right to Property: I have the right to that which I produce and/or trade, this becomes my sweat equity (my private property).  I have the right to determine the full extent of my needs, including physical, spiritual and emotional; otherwise, the satisfaction and fulfilment of my needs are not determined by my own effort but by the will of others.
Right to Trade: I have the capacity to produce more than my needs, this excess becomes available for other men with whom I have the right to privately trade to fulfill any needs I require which I may be unable to produce.
Right to Travel: I have the right to travel unencumbered throughout my Creator's Kingdom.  I cannot produce nor provide for my needs by remaining stationary.
Right to Create My Reputation: I have the right to trade, my capacity to trade is determined by the quality of my production which establishes my reputation.
Right to Think: I have the right to think, as a self aware man, I was born with the capacity to think.  I have the right to choose my thoughts, which gives me the ability to do anything necessary to fulfil my needs.  My ability to think allows me to choose my beliefs, my morals, my opinions, and any conception within the mental realm and thus I must govern myself accordingly.
Right to Defend: I have the right to defend myself against those who wish to infringe upon any of my inherent rights.

***** ANYONE (that means everybody, regardless of what capacity they may be acting) who wishes to deny, inhibit, obstruct, etc...   my rights, see my fee schedule and then only proceed after payment is tendered *****