a child of our Creator
- michael alois house of pfeil -
a man

A child of our Creator - michael alois pfeil - a man, this is how I describe myself.  Now I could have described myself as a child of my creators, my mother, father and the Creator, which is also accurate, but ultimately there is one Creator.  I choose to use the term "creator" because I was created.

I believe creation therefore there must be a creator.  Someone started the ball rolling.

As for myself, I am still a work in progress.  In university I was given a question on a Philosophy exam.  The question was quite puzzling.  The question was "why?"  No I proceeded to write numerous pages of what I thought was an intelligent argument of why.  Received the results back, I believe I received a mark in the 60% range.  Turned out the best answer was quite simple.  The best answer was "why not?"

The point is we make our lives extremely complicated.  We do not have to do so.  Life is a journey to be enjoyed, savoured, "lived".

I choose to live my life as simple as I wish to make it.  My basic philosophy is to treat others as I wish to be treated.

This is why I assert my Inherent Rights and impose a fee schedule for violations of those rights.

I believe we all must be productive and contribute to our communities.  I work to achieve this through volunteering and just helping out when and where I am able to do so.

Yes I do run a business called Friendly Insulators, I do need to produce to provide for my basic needs, which is an inherent right.